For Law firms


The TurboPatent SmartShell automates the generation of Office Action Shell Packages, enabling your staff to improve efficiency and focus on higher value work, thus increasing your profits.

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For corporations

Patent Preparation

Our expert patent engineers operate The TurboPatent Machine to deliver high quality applications, Office action shells and responses at a fraction of the cost and turn-around time of the traditional, human-centered practices.

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For law firms and corporations

Patent Analytics

The TurboPatent Machine performs highly efficient, deep analysis of assets throughout the patenting process to improve quality, and to inform decisions related to risk, valuation, acquisition, pruning and practitioner evaluation.

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We never imagined the patent process could be so painless, cost effective, and produce such high quality, consistent results.
— Brad Griffith, Founder & CEO of Gametime
Obtaining the kind of information that a TurboPatent Portfolio report provided would typically cost us thousands of dollars and multiple weeks in turnaround time.
— Taher Savliwala, VP of Intellectual Property at Quixey
As a start up, we knew that protecting our intellectual property was extremely important, but we also had to consider the reality of budget constraints. TurboPatent’s use of high-tech software is the solution we had hoped for, but didn’t know existed.
— Evan Macmillan, Founder & CEO of Gridspace
TurboPatent did a fantastic job of producing a quality patent in an impossibly short timeline. Their intellectual property expertise and use of the latest and greatest patent production technology saved my company tens of thousands of dollars and produced a quality document that has a critical role for us and our future.
— Jason Washburn, Founder at THE Company