Announcing...TurboPatent® Services

Are you a law firm with uneven demand for patent work, but would rather not hire more attorneys to meet the peaks? Or an in-house counsel with lots of IP to protect prior to an upcoming product announcement? TurboPatent Engineers deliver high quality applications and Office action responses with very quick turn-around and at a low cost. 

Our patent engineers have mastered the power of TurboPatent® to create high quality applications and Office action responses efficiently. UsingTurboPatent, they can drastically reduce time for the initial draft and for revisions. Our patent engineers convert the supplied invention background (IDF) and claims into a high-quality, fully USPTO-ready application or Office action response. Patent engineers are also available for invention extraction sessions and claim writing. These services include free use of TurboPatent for secure, in-tool review and communication. Case managers can use the TurboPatent case list to monitor progress in real time.

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