Quixey Utilizes the TurboPatent Machine to Assess Patent Portfolio Quality

Quixey is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that provides users with easy access and engagement with the content and functionalities within apps. Quixey offers Deep View Cards for the world’s leading mobile brands - a new way to deliver relevant app content and functionalities via ads, search, and social and messaging platforms.

Taher Savliwala, Quixey’s VP of Intellectual Property, is a strong proponent for high quality patents. Savliwala has built the company’s patent portfolio of around 350 patent filings in a bit over three years. Recently, Quixey utilized the TurboPatent Machine to assess the quality of their patent portfolio. The TurboPatent Machine quickly delivered Quixey a TurboPatent Portfolio Report -- a deep and highly efficient analysis of Quixey’s published pending and granted patent assets.

Savliwala already has some sense of his highest quality assets, but wanted data to back up his instincts. According to Savliwala, “The TurboPatent Portfolio Report and analysis of raw data largely confirmed our beliefs in the quality of our patent portfolio. Obtaining the kind of information that this report provided would typically cost us thousands of dollars and multiple weeks in turnaround time using traditional methods. Not only did TurboPatent get the job done faster and cheaper, but it was the first tool that actually generated accurate results.”

TurboPatent founder and CEO, James Billmaier, added, "The Quixey portfolio had few foundational defects and did a great job mitigating Alice risk. In addition, this portfolio has one of the strongest scores on quality compared to others that we have assessed."

The TurboPatent Portfolio Report can be used to inform decisions related to M&A, licensing, risk assessment, and pruning. It identifies issues in areas that have a material impact on the validity and enforceability of each asset, and therefore the value of the portfolio. It covers areas such as: Alice risk, invalidating 112 quality factors, title/assignment issues, and citations. Said Savliwala: "We will continue using the TurboPatent Machine periodically to evaluate patent portfolio quality moving forward."

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