Not only did TurboPatent get the job done faster and cheaper, but it was the first tool that actually generated accurate results.
— Taher Savliwala, VP of Intellectual Property at Quixey

Patent Quality Report

  • Identify and correct quality gaps in draft applications
  • Reduce time and expense in prosecution
  • Minimize indefiniteness
  • Distinguish top practitioners from average
  • Sort stronger/weaker assets, during prosecution or post grant
  • Identify weaknesses in filings to harden during prosecution
  • Ensure consistency of related applications in draft
  • Spot weakness in a patent to pursue in litigation
  • Assess hardness of patents prior to license or purchase

Report includes:

  • Alice risk assessment 
  • Art unit prediction and statistics
  • Unsupported claim terms
  • Consistency of figure references
  • Profanity checking
  • Antecedent basis defects
  • Claim order and format rules
  • Table of claim nomenclature
  • Map to locate each problem in the document

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Office Action Response Report

  • Improve the quality of prosecution
  • Identify and correct flaws in office action responses before they enter into case history
  • Spot and triage the weakest cases in prosecution (retroactively, based on the last office action response)
  • Triage weak/narrow outliers in a granted portfolio to cease maintaining
  • Filter for outliers by excessive prior art, narrowed claims, length of prosecution, or any combination
  • Project future budgets based on probable time lines
  • Quantitatively track and visualize the drift and narrowing of claims
  • Stay abreast of all developments in prosecution via the highly consumable overview
  • Spot weakness in a patent to pursue in litigation

Report includes:

  • Summary of the examination
  • Statistics on prior art vs similar cases
  • Table of claim status changes
  • Statistics on claim narrowness and trend of prosecution vs similar cases
  • Drift quantified by word, term, limitation, and claim
  • Nomenclature changes tabulated, vetted against disclosure
  • Table of terms appearing in the remarks with weights
  • Statistics on time in prosecution vs similar cases
  • Examiner statistics
  • Prosecution profanity checking
  • Map of issues into document locations

Patent Portfolio Report

The TurboPatent Portfolio Report is a highly efficient analysis of a company’s published pending and granted patents. It can be used to inform decisions related to acquisition, risk assessment, and pruning.

The report is enabled by The TurboPatent Machine which does a deep analysis of the assets in the portfolio. It screens for issues in areas that have a material impact on the validity and enforceability of each asset, and therefore the value of the portfolio. It covers areas such as: Alice risk, invalidating 112 quality factors, title/assignment issues, and citations.

The report relates remaining PTO fees to assets with issues by severity to assist in pruning decisions.

The Portfolio Report includes:

  • The Portfolio Summary (sample)
  • Includes methodology
  • A complete data table for all assets in the portfolio detailing ratings for Alice issues, Citation counts, Chain of Title Issues, and Quality issues—antecedent basis, unsupported terms, claim order/format, profanity (sample)
  • A data table of Chain of Title issues
  • Patent Quality Reports on five of the assets with highest severity issues  (sample)