Patent Portfolio Report

The TurboPatent Portfolio Report is a highly efficient analysis of a company’s published pending and granted patents. It can be used to inform decisions related to acquisition, risk assessment, and pruning.

The report is enabled by The TurboPatent Machine which does a deep analysis of the assets in the portfolio. It screens for issues in areas that have a material impact on the validity and enforceability of each asset, and therefore the value of the portfolio. It covers areas such as: Alice risk, invalidating 112 quality factors, title/assignment issues, and citations.

The report relates remaining PTO fees to assets with issues by severity to assist in pruning decisions.

The Portfolio Report includes:

  • The Portfolio Summary (sample)
  • Includes methodology
  • A complete data table for all assets in the portfolio detailing ratings for Alice issues, Citation counts, Chain of Title Issues, and Quality issues—antecedent basis, unsupported terms, claim order/format, profanity (sample)
  • A data table of Chain of Title issues
  • Patent Quality Reports on five of the assets with highest severity issues  (sample)