We were able to file several inventions with TurboPatent in the same time and for the money it used to take to get one done with other traditional firms.
— Chris Li, Co-Founder at Artemek Technologies


Our patent engineers utilize the power of the TurboPatent Machine to create high quality patent documents in substantially less time and with a cost savings comparable to outsourcing.

Our technology allows our patent engineers to rapidly convert your supplied invention documentation (IDF) into a high-quality fully USPTO-ready application.  Our team can also provide office action responses and construct customized office action response shells for your firm.  

TurboPatent’s  high-quality, low cost, and rapid turn-around time make it the perfect solution for law firms attempting to meet uneven demand, inventors, or in-house counsel with lots of IP to protect prior to an upcoming product announcement.  



  • Aerospace & Aeronautics

  • Electronics & Semiconductors

  • Agriculture & Food Science

  • Financial Services & Business Methods

  • Alternative Energy & Clean Technology

  • Heavy Industry, Tools & Machinery

  • Automotive, Transportation & Power Sports

  • Medical Devices & Procedures

  • Biotechnology

  • Nanotechnology

  • Communications & Networking Technology

  • Optics

  • Consumer Products & Services

  • Software, Digital Media & Information Technology

  • Construction & Home Improvement

* Additional fees may apply for accelerated turnaround time and/or significantly complex matters.

* Prices quoted are for corporate "small entities." Please contact info@turbopatent.us for further information.

* Services are billed per project. Includes free use of a TurboPatent account for review and collaboration.

** Rates do not include legal review and filing services.


  • Detailed, consistent and technically accurate Specification

  • Professional, engaging and ready-to-file Drawing sheets

  • TurboPatent technology ensures Claims, Drawing and Specification are consistent and free of 112 error

Patent Document Pricing

Patent DocumentsProvided by ClientPriceTurnaround
Provisional Patent ApplicationIDF$2,0001 month
Conversion to Non-Provisional Patent ApplicationIDF$4,0001 month
Office Action ResponsePatent application & office action$1,5001 month


Provisional: TurboPatent engineers deliver high quality provisional patent applications to assist clients in securing filing dates for their inventions. TurboPatent’s provisional patent applications include an invention background, overview discussion, up to 4 drawings + descriptions, up to 3 claims, an Abstract, and boilerplate (e.g., examples, logic defined, key claim terms defined).

Non-Provisional: TurboPatent provides clients with extremely high quality, robust, USPTO-ready non-provisional patent applications. In addition to all services and deliverables included in TurboPatent Provisional Patents, TurboPatent’s Non-Provisional Patent applications include a new extraction session, new improvements to the provisional application, up to 3 independent and 20 total Claims, up to 6 Drawings, and a Specification to harden the invention against prosecution.

Drafting Services for more complex matters are available, with pricing commensurate with complexity. Additional drawings may be done for $50 per sheet.

It’s no longer difficult to develop great IDFs. We can focus on real innovation without the traditional process tedium and management challenges. With TurboPatent, our team was able to more than double our patent filings.
— Bob Wise, former Chief Innovation Officer of MTN Satellite Communications and current Chief Cloud Technologist for Samsung SDS Research America