Corporations expect better, faster and cheaper patent drafting and prosecution

You have heard a lot about the integration of technology into patent practice. However, it’s difficult to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. But knowing the difference can help your company patent its inventions more quickly and cost-effectively, enabling you to maintain your competitive edge.

Corporate clients are asking for vendor services to be better, faster and cheaper – and legal services are no exception. As technology solutions like TurboPatent’s patent platform become further integrated into patent practice, evaluating how your IP program can benefit from it will help you remain competitive in an industry where legal-tech solutions take the place of manual processes. In fact, one-third of the top 30 AmLaw 200 patent firms have already embraced TurboPatent’s technology.

The automation and artificial intelligence included in our platform bring efficiencies to firms by taking care of the tedious editing and formatting tasks that normally eat up a significant amount of attorney time. This frees them up to focus on the things their corporate clients value – describing the inventive concept and drafting patent applications that are more likely to be granted. Are your practitioners employing a technology-assisted patent process? 

About TurboPatent

TurboPatent (A Rowan TELS Technology Group) offers a purpose-built patent technology platform to automate and improve the antiquated patenting process. We are doing for patents what Computer-Aided Design (CAD) did for architects and engineers – creating software to help professionals complete their goals more efficiently and with better quality. This platform is transforming the way enterprises protect their IP, giving them more control by making their practitioners productive. This is done by reducing the tedious, time-consuming tasks that account for a significant amount of patent practitioner time so they can focus on drafting and prosecuting meaningful patents.

In 2018, TurboPatent merged with Rowan and is the technology platform that supports Rowan’s legal services. Rowan tackles the shortcomings inherent with today’s legal-tech solutions for patents and anti-counterfeit. The legal consulting services team is comprised of executives with decades of legal, transactional and consulting experience that can provide industry-best strategies for corporate clients. They offer deep domain expertise, senior service, end-to-end solutions, and the flexibility to deliver technology and services in a way that works best for each client.

TurboPatent Leadership



Byron McCann’s role with Rowan leverages his passion for innovation, entrepreneurs, and creating value in growing ventures. He is the founding partner of Ascent Partners, which focuses on investments, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alliances for clean tech and IT companies. Byron was Co-chair of Element 8 (formerly Northwest Energy Angels) for five years, a clean tech private angel investor group, where he is currently on the board. He was the Pacific Northwest Regional Director of the Cleantech Open for four years.

Formerly, Byron was a venture partner at Prism Capital. He was CEO of Service Intelligence, a venture-backed, retail customer experience measurement company, which was acquired. Byron co-founded genSoft, which developed the first Windows database and was acquired by Computer Associates. He was COO of a cable television advertising venture acquired by TCI, and was with Ernst & Young’s national telecommunications consulting practice. Byron was vice chairman of the Washington Technology Industry Association, and was on the board of NW Entrepreneur Network.


Charles has practiced patent law for more than 20 years; both in-house at Intel and in private practice at a major Northwest law firm, and finally as the managing partner of a patent law firm. He has written numerous technical articles and books on computer technology.

Charles worked on developing Intel’s Internet technology and software patent portfolio before moving on to private practice. Charles founded FSP LLC, a Northwest law firm specializing in patenting technologies in software, Internet, wireless, electronics, and solid-state and optical physics and communications. FSP LLC serves hundreds of clients and manages thousands of patents in countries all over the world.

As one of the co-creators of TurboPatent, Charles has drafted and prosecuted more than 500 patents using the TurboPatent technology.

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