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TurboPatent’s patent professionals are expert at tapping the power of TurboPatent’s Automated Invention Protection (AIP) solution to engineer high quality patent documents in substantially less time and with a significant cost savings. These experts use TurboPatent’s automation and AI technology throughout the patent process—easily capturing your invention, converting it into high-quality, fully USPTO-ready applications, and ultimately into a granted patent. These patent professionals are also experts in a broad range of domains.

Assisted by the PatentBrain™ AI

Like an IDE for developers or CAD for engineering, the TurboPatent Automated Invention Protection (AIP) solution raises the bar for the patent industry, allowing for an extreme increase in quality while greatly reducing cost and turn-around time. The TurboPatent AIP solution leverages AI-based technologies to automate and streamline patent drafting, prosecution, and quality evaluation, enabling our experienced patent professionals to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively patent your inventions.


  • Attractive rates
  • Timely turnaround
  • Collaborative review within TurboPatent
  • Work done entirely in the U.S. by U.S. citizens
  • High Quality Documents
    • Detailed, consistent and technically accurate Specification
    • Professional, engaging and ready-to-file Drawing sheets
    • TurboPatent technology ensures Claims, Drawing and Specification are consistent and free of 112 errors


Provisional Applications

TurboPatent patent experts deliver high quality provisional patent applications to assist clients in securing filing dates for their inventions.

TurboPatent’s provisional patent applications typically include:

  • an invention background
  • overview discussion
  • up to 4 drawings + descriptions
  • up to 3 claims
  • an Abstract
  • boilerplate (e.g., examples, logic defined, key claim terms defined)

Non-Provisional Patent Applications

  • TurboPatent provides clients with extremely high quality, robust, USPTO-ready non-provisional patent applications.
  • In addition to all services and deliverables included in TurboPatent Provisional Patents, TurboPatent’s Non-Provisional Patent applications include
    • a new extraction session,
    • new improvements to the provisional application,
    • up to 3 independent and 20 total Claims,
    • up to 6 Drawings,
    • and a Specification to harden the invention against prosecution.

Office Action Responses & Other Services

  • Turbopatent uses automation throughout the patent process to make it easier, less expensive and faster to get inventions turned into high-quality patents.
  •  Additional TurboPatent offerings include:
    • Office Action Shell Generation
    • Office Action Responses
    • IP Strategic Consulting
    • Proactive Invention Discovery and Extraction Sessions

TurboPatent can get you to Final Draft in 4 weeks or less (compared to 12 weeks for a traditional drafting process). And when it comes to Revisions, TurboPatent can save you 2-5 days or more.

Patent DocumentsNo Volume Commitment1-3/month4+/month
Office Action Response$1,500$1,350$1,250


Traditional Drafting

TurboPatent clients report 50-60% savings compared to traditional law firms.

Specialized Domain Area Expertise

AI, Software, Digital Media & Information Technology, Aerospace & Aeronautics, Electronics & Semiconductors, Agriculture & Food Science, Financial Services & Business Methods, Alternative Energy & Clean Technology, Heavy Industry, Tools & Machinery, Automotive, Transportation & Power Sports, Medical Devices & Procedures, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Communications & Networking Technology, Optics, Consumer Products & Services, and Construction & Home Improvement

“We were able to file several inventions with TurboPatent in the same time and for the money it used to take to get one done with other traditional firms.”

Chris LiCo-Founder at Artemek Technologies

“It’s no longer difficult to develop great IDFs. We can focus on real innovation without the traditional process tedium and management challenges. With TurboPatent, our team was able to more than double our patent filings.”

Bob WiseFormer Chief Innovation Officer of MTN Satellite Communications and current Chief Cloud Technologist for Samsung SDS Research America

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