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Obtaining the kind of information that a TurboPatent Portfolio Report provided would typically cost us thousands of dollars and multiple weeks of turnaround time.

Taher SavliwalaVP of Intellectual Property, Quixey

As a start up, we knew that protecting our intellectual property was extremely important, but we also had to consider the reality of budget constraints. TurboPatent’s use of high-tech software is the solution we had hoped for, but didn’t know existed.

Evan MacmillanFounder & CEO, Gridspace

I would highly recommend TurboPatent as an alternative to outside counsel and a means for driving efficiency in your in-house team. See the Case Study

Phil MakrogiannisVice President of Intellectual Property, Thermo Fisher Scientific

We never imagined the patent process could be so painless, cost effective, and produce such high quality, consistent results.

Brad GriffithFounder & CEO, Gametime

TurboPatent did a fantastic job of producing a quality patent in an impossibly short timeline. Their intellectual property expertise and use of the latest and greatest patent production technology saved my company tens of thousands of dollars and produced a quality document that has a critical role for us and our future.

Jason WashburnFounder, THE Company

With TurboPatent, our team was able to more than double our patent filings. We were able to focus on real innovation without the traditional process tedium and management challenges. See the Case Study

Bob Wiseformer Chief Innovation Officer of MTN Satellite Communications
  • Quick Turnaround

  • Free Consultation with U.S.-based Patent Experts

  • Fixed Fee, No Hourly Rates

  • Validated High-Quality Patents

Protect your IP for a fraction of the cost charged by a typical law firm

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How It Works

Free Consultation: Introductory Call

It’s a quick way for you to get initial answers to your patent questions and learn about our TurboPatent process. It only takes 5-10 minutes.

Invention Discovery Call

During this 30-60 minute call, you’ll consult with one of our U.S.-based patent experts who will learn more about your invention and discuss patentability and uniqueness.

Patent Application Drafting

Our experts use our AI-based automation tools to engineer a high-quality provisional or non-provisional patent application. In about half the time it takes a traditional law firm to draft a patent, we’ll deliver a fully USPTO-ready patent application that includes detailed, consistent, and technically-accurate specifications and ready-to-file drawing sheets.

We also use RoboReview, an automated, AI-based quality reviewer, to run a final quality check. We send that report along with all draft applications we write for you.

You can use RoboReview too to check the quality of your assets.
RoboReview can run quality reports on:

  • Granted Patents and Published Applications
  • Draft applications and Office action response from your outside counsel

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