grow your patent portfolio

(not your workload)


Get the free idea management platform that helps you source more IP from engineers and guide each idea toward patent application or trade secret.

  • Capture more possible inventions and convert them into patents

  • Spend less time building the inventive concept with our idea diary and drawing tools

  • Increase efficiency with simple collaboration and automated workflows

  • Gain a system of record for your company’s IP

The Invention Hub Power-Up for Trello makes it easier than ever to convert projects your team is working on into patents or trade secrets.


Easily capture and describe possible patentable material with the Invention drawing tool. Upload documents, add notes, and create drawings to collect more ideas, in more detail.


Easily sync drawings and invention descriptions with tools purpose-built to provide consistency.


With the Invention Hub’s objective predictive analytics you’ll be able to compare originality, allowance rate, and more so you know whether to pursue a patent.


Gain transparency into your patent pipeline and track the status of your inventions through every step of the process—from idea to grant (or trade secret). Now share this pipeline information with your company’s CEO or board of directors so nobody is left in the dark.

Inventing a New Way

At TurboPatent, we believe that access to easy and cost-effective patent protection will foster greater innovation among companies. That’s why we made the Invention Hub free for everyone. See how technology can make inventing easier than ever.

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