Machine Learning (ML) has become more prevalent each year and is being used by companies of all sizes, and across industries, to offer smarter solutions to their customers. According to KPMG, venture capital investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning rose 100% from 2016 to 2017, reaching a staggering $12 billion.  With so much talent, energy and capital being dedicated to ML, it’s clear there’s value in the technology. This value should be protected. Fierce competition accompanies this kind of growth, making it more important than ever to protect the intellectual property your company’s machine learning technology is built upon.

Why Patenting Machine Learning is Important

The algorithms that automation and machine learning create are changing the world. Many of the technologies that incorporate machine learning are revolutionizing industries, and with this innovation comes the need for companies to protect their inventions. In a competitive space like this, where startups continue to enter the market, leaving your organization vulnerable to legal action can be dangerous.

An annual patent survey released by IFI Claims Patent Services found that machine-learning patent applications are among the fastest growing categories at the USPTO. Larry Cady, a senior analyst with IFI, estimates the patent category that includes machine learning and neural networks has grown at a 34% annual rate over the last five years. This means that if your company doesn’t patent its technology quickly, a competitor likely will.

Why TurboPatent is the Best Choice for Patenting Machine Learning

Not only does TurboPatent possess a deep domain expertise in machine learning, we’ve incorporated machine learning into our own software to improve the efficiency of the patent drafting process. We understand the implementation and technology behind machine learning, and so the patent applications we create will be more robust and reliable. Machine learning is part of the foundation upon which TurboPatent’s solutions are built so we are skilled at drafting patents in this area.