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Introducing SmartShell

The TurboPatent® SmartShell™ automates the generation of Office action shells and provides timely analytics, enabling your staff to improve efficiency and focus on higher value work, thus increasing your profits.

The TurboPatent Machine uses specialized automation and Natural Language Processing (NLP), rapidly converting Office actions and current claims into a customized package ready for the technical and legal arguments. TurboPatent automation removes human error, providing higher quality, more consistent output for your clients.

TurboPatent’s high-quality, low-cost, and rapid turnaround time make it the perfect solution for law firms and in-house counsel.

How SmartShell Transforms the Office Action Response Process

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Case Study: Using Predictive Analytics and Natural Language Processing to Decrease Office Action Response Time

“Now that I’ve had the chance to use SmartShell, I can’t imagine handling responses any other way.”

Holli TempletonPrincipalPacific Patent Group


“I just wanted to thank TurboPatent for making our lives easier with SmartShell. We got a newly transferred case handled by outside counsel and were not aware that the final deadline was today. I scrambled to generate the shell but I only had PDF copies, so I’m glad you have a PDF converter in SmartShell. In just a few clicks my shell was ready for my practitioner. KUDOS to TurboPatent.”

—Patent Paralegal Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific​

What does SmartShell generate?

Office Action Shell

A Word document which contains:

  • Bibliographic data as header
  • Issues identified by statute, claims affected, and citations
  • Claims with rolled over status indicators and “cleaned” markup

The Office Action Shell is based on your custom template(s) — contact us for details on pricing and input required.

TurboPatent Office Action Report

This PDF document includes examiner and art unit statistics along with links to the cited art.

Client Summary Letter

This Word document contains a summary of the issues that can be used to communicate with your client.

OCR-Converted Office Action

This PDF document is the original Office action from the USPTO with a text layer added for copy/paste into the response. It uses an OCR tuned for Office actions.

OCR-Converted Previous Claim Set

A Word document of the text, with any mark-up, of the previous claim set in PAIR. It uses an OCR tuned specifically for amended claims with strikethrough and underlines. This document is only provided if requested by the user on the “Add Claims” step.

Cited Art Bundle

You can optionally select to include PDFs of available US cited art referenced in the Office action rejections.

Packaged as a PDF for sample purposes only. Actual SmartShells are delivered in the document formats stated above.

TurboPatent Office Action Analytics

TurboPatent provides strategic, actionable intelligence at exactly the right time. To further prepare the attorney and client for the Office action response, each Shell Package includes an analytical report on how this case is likely to develop. The TurboPatent Machine analyzes Examiner, Art Unit and Class activity, generating useful statistics on allowance rate; pendency; percent on appeal; number of Office actions to grant, and other relevant data.


RapidResponse: The fastest way to amend and mark up patent claims

  • Automatically calculates and presents claim status indicators in real time
  • Auto-generates textual summary of claim amendments
  • Auto-formats amended claims with USPTO compliant markup
  • Presents live preview of markup while editing
  • Automatically numbers, orders, and adjusts for dependencies
  • Detects claims with a canceled parent
  • Exports claims to MSFT Word format with markup and status indicators shown or hidden
  • Imports clean claims with status
  • Imports currently amended claims with markup

SmartShell’s included analytics and reporting gives you unparalleled insight into the quality of your patent


Allowance rate by examiner at every stage of the process


Examination statistics


Easy access to cited art

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