Increase the value of
your portfolio companies

Is the lack of an optimized patent strategy and process costing your portfolio companies millions in valuation?

Even a small patent portfolio can increase the value of a company by 24% or more

Companies with patent filings see a:
  • 24% increase in valuation

  • 153% increased likelihood of IPO exit

  • 83% increased likelihood of acquisitions exit

Companies without patents see:
  • A higher likelihood of bankruptcy

  • Lower sales growth

  • Lower likelihood of further financing

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Are your portfolio companies missing out?

  • Due to high costs of patenting?
  • Because they don’t have the time?
  • Because they don’t know how?
  • Or don’t know if they have something inventive?

Make patenting a priority for your portfolio companies. TurboPatent will make it easy for them.

“With TurboPatent, our team was able to more than double our patent filings. We were able to focus on real innovation without the traditional process tedium and management challenges.”

—Bob Wise, Chief Innovation Officer, MTN Satellite Communications

TurboPatent Engineers Patents

This means higher quality patents, better grant rates, lower costs, and quicker turnaround.

Our US-based patent professionals use our purpose-built technology and analytics to automate and improve the patenting process. Think IDEs for software developers, or CAD for architects.

No IP Manager? No problem.

Protecting intellectual property isn’t just for the big guys. With USPTO’s ‘first-to-file’ rules (in place as of 2011), it’s important for even the newest companies to start protecting their IP from day one. And TurboPatent makes it easy with a full spectrum of strategic services included at no extra cost:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Proactive Invention Discovery and Documentation Sessions
  • End-to-end patenting management, including scheduling, communication, and questions throughout the process

Invention Hub

Discover the free idea management platform that helps your portfolio companies source more IP from engineers and guide each idea toward patent application (or trade secret).

TurboPatent’s Invention Hub makes it easy to harvest ideas, evaluate patentability, and track inventions from idea to granted patent.

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